“Equal Justice Under Law” – engraving above the main entrance to the Supreme Court Building.

“We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is” – Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes.

“The Constitution is a remarkable document, difficult to amend and which reflects long and hard thought” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“The judiciary does not simply interpret the Constitution, it must actively interpret and help develop it” – Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

“The safeguards of due process, equal protection and the right to vote have led to a more inclusive and democratic society” – Justice Elena Kagan.

“The founders knew that liberty is not free, that it must be safeguarded by strong institutions and laws” – Chief Justice John Roberts.

“Our Constitution is the anchor and foundation of our republic, protecting our liberties and promoting the common good” – Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“Judges must be independent and impartial, free from public opinion and political influence” – Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“The judiciary’s role is to uphold the rule of law, no matter how unpopular or difficult to implement” – Justice Samuel Alito.

“Our system of justice depends heavily on the integrity and impartiality of our judges, and we must do all we can to preserve that” – Justice Clarence Thomas.

“The Bill of Rights reflects our most important freedoms and liberties, and the Supreme Court has a duty to protect them” – Justice Stephen Breyer.

“The Constitution is not a self-actuating document, and requires the courts to enforce its provisions” – Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“Our system of justice is designed to be adversarial, but it must also be fair and just” – Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. RAISING DAUGHTERS QUOTES

“The Supreme Court is ultimately accountable to the people, and must ensure that their voices are heard in the decision-making process” – Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

“The rule of law is the foundation of our society, and the Supreme Court has a vital role in protecting it” – Justice John Paul Stevens.

“The Constitution recognizes that power must be dispersed and limited to prevent tyranny and promote liberty” – Justice David Souter.

“The Courts must be vigilant in protecting the rights and liberties of individuals against the overreaching of government” – Justice Byron White.

“The Constitution is not a static document, but rather a living, evolving one that must adapt to changing circumstances” – Justice Harry Blackmun.

“The separation of powers among the three branches of government is crucial to our system of checks and balances” – Justice Antonin Scalia.

“The Supreme Court has a role in shaping the direction of society, but must also respect the boundaries of its own authority” – Justice Thurgood Marshall.

“Everyone has the right to due process of law, and the Supreme Court has a fundamental duty to protect that right” – Justice William Brennan.

“The Constitution is a guarantee of our basic liberties, and the Supreme Court must ensure that these liberties are protected” – Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

“The Supreme Court’s duty is to strike down laws that infringe upon the Constitution, even if they are popular or well-intentioned” – Justice Louis Brandeis.

“The Supreme Court’s guiding principle is the search for truth, and the pursuit of justice” – Justice Benjamin Cardozo.