“Agile isn’t a methodology, it’s a mindset.” – Jeff Sutherland

“Agile is about adaptation, not perfection.” – Craig Larman

“Agile doesn’t guarantee success, but it does guarantee that you will learn from failure.” – Michael Sahota

“Agile is not a methodology, it is a culture.” – Alaaeldin Elbakry

“In agile, the best way to deliver value is through collaboration and communication.” – Ken Schwaber

“Agile is not about doing things faster, it’s about doing things better.” – Unknown

“Agile is a mindset that values individuals and interactions over processes and tools.” – Steve Denning

“Agile thinking is essential in a fast-changing world.” – Alan Mulally

“Agile is about learning and adapting, not just delivering a product.” – Lyssa Adkins

“Agile principles teach you how to fail fast and learn quickly.” – Dave Thomas

“Agile is not a process, it’s a living, breathing thing.” – Alistair Cockburn

“Agile means being nimble, not just quick.” – Scott Farquhar

“Agile is about continuous improvement, not just delivering a product.” – Kent Beck KUTUMBAM QUOTES IN TELUGU

“Agile is not a silver bullet, it’s a way of thinking.” – Unknown

“Agile is about focus, not just speed.” – David J. Anderson

“Agility is a mindset, not a method.” – Unknown

“Agile is not a methodology, it’s a philosophy.” – Unknown

“Agile is about people, not just processes.” – Esther Derby

“Agile is not about being perfect, it’s about being better than yesterday.” – Unknown

“Agile is a journey, not a destination.” – Unknown

“Agile is not about following a set of rules, it’s about being flexible and adaptable.” – Unknown

“Agile is about creating a culture of continuous improvement.” – Unknown

“Agility is not about being quick, it’s about being responsive.” – Unknown

“Agile is not a formula, it’s a state of mind.” – Unknown