“I am the ultimate power in the universe.”

“All I seek is absolute dominance.”

“I will turn your world upside down, and you will bow before me.”

“There is nothing in the universe that can resist me.”

“All who oppose me will be crushed beneath my feet.”

“My power knows no limits.”

“The universe is mine to conquer.”

“I am the master of all I survey.”

“I will bring order to the chaos of the universe.”

“Bow before me, or suffer the consequences.”

“I am eternal, and my power will endure.”

“Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.”

“My will is law, and my law is absolute.” SELL YOURSELF SHORT QUOTES

“I am the embodiment of perfection.”

“All who stand against me will fall.”

“I am the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.”

“The power I wield is unmatched by any living being.”

“I am the ultimate expression of supreme intelligence.”

“My vision for the universe will be realized, at any cost.”

“I will leave a wake of destruction in my path, and none will be spared.”

“I am the master of all that lies beyond the stars.”

“My destiny is to rule over all creation.”

“I will bend the universe to my will, or die trying.”

“My power is absolute. My reign is eternal.”