“You were my sunshine on a cloudy day, now I’m left in the rain.”

“With every goodbye, a little piece of me dies.”

“Our love was a fairytale, now it’s ended without a happy ending.”

“I was a fool to think forever meant anything to you.”

“Love is supposed to bring happiness, but all you left me with was pain.”

“I won’t cry because it’s over, I’ll smile because it happened. But deep down inside, I’ll always feel the pain.”

“You were my everything, but now I have nothing.”

“Love is like a rose, beautiful but it hurts when you try to hold on.”

“You gave me wings and I flew, but the higher I flew, the harder I fell.” “I thought you were my forever, but forever turned out to be just a moment.”

“You left a hole in my heart that may never be filled.”

“You were the missing piece to my puzzle, but now I can never solve it.”

“Love is a risk we take, and I guess I lost that bet.” LIVING A LIE QUOTES

“All the memories of us are now just bittersweet.”

“Breaking up with you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but being with you was even harder.”

“I thought love was supposed to be magical, but you made it feel like a nightmare.”

“The emptiness I feel now is like a bottomless pit, and you’re the reason why.”

“I loved you with everything I had, but apparently everything was not enough.”

“You promised me the world, but you gave me nothing but tears.”

“You were the light of my life, now I’m just lost in the darkness.”

“Time may heal all wounds, but the scars you left on my heart will never disappear.”

“You were my forever and always, but always turned out to be just a moment.”

“I gave you my heart, but you left it shattered on the ground.”

“Love is supposed to make you feel alive, but you made me feel like I was dying.”