“A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.”

“Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“A sheep without a shepherd is an easy target for the wolf.”

“The wolf and the sheep cannot live peacefully together.”

“A wolf fears no sheep.”

“A sheep should never underestimate the power of a wolf.”

“The wolf preys on the weak and vulnerable sheep.”

“The sheep must learn to recognize the signs of a wolf in their midst.”

“The wolf is always on the prowl for its next victim, even if it has to disguise itself as a sheep.” “The sheep who runs from the wolf will only be chased further.”

“A wolf will always show its true colors, even if it is disguised as a sheep.”

“The sheep who follows the wolf will never reach the safety of the herd.”

“The wolf is always looking for opportunities to prey on the sheep.” DOLL QUOTES

“A wolf may blend in with the flock, but it will always stand out in the end.”

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a master of deceit.”

“The wolf and the sheep may appear similar, but their nature is vastly different.”

“A sheep who is unaware of the wolf’s presence is already in danger.”

“The wolf is a natural predator and the sheep is its prey.”

“The sheep must always be wary of the wolf’s cunning tactics.”

“The wolf is always seeking to separate the weakest sheep from the herd.”

“The sheep must unite against the wolf for their survival.”

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing is the ultimate betrayal.”

“The sheep who trusts the wolf is setting itself up for its demise.”

“The wolf’s desire for power and control will always put the sheep in harm’s way.”