“One shot, one kill.”

“The heart of a man still beats inside.”

“The dark just got darker.”

“I am your worst nightmare.”

“I will not falter.”

“I take no prisoners.”

“Fear is an illusion.”

“Aim, shoot, and repeat.” “No one can hide from my sight.”

“Silence is golden.”

“My aim is true.”

“Another kill, another day.”

“My heart is cold.” DEATH COMES TO US ALL QUOTE

“The world needs me to be a killer.”

“I am a weapon of death.”

“No one escapes my sights.”

“Death is an art, and I am the artist.”

“There is no escape.”

“I strike like a viper.”

“Mercy is for the weak.”

“Silent but deadly.”

“I am the hunter, and you are the prey.”

“One bullet, one kill.”