“I am the beginning and the end, the origin and dissolution.”

“I am the ocean of infinity, the source of everything.”

“I am the light that illuminates the darkness.”

“I am the ultimate reality, the truth that pervades all things.”

“I am the protector of righteousness, the embodiment of all virtues.”

“I am the lord of creation, the sustainer of the universe.”

“I am the destroyer of evil, the vanquisher of darkness.”

“I am the ultimate refuge, the one who grants salvation to all.”

“I am the one without whom nothing can exist.”

“I am the supreme consciousness, the ultimate reality.”

“I am the eternal soul, the unchanging essence of all existence.”

“I am the knower of all knowledge, the source of all wisdom.”

“I am the energy that animates all things.” KHALEESI KHAL DROGO MOON AND STARS QUOTE

“I am the inner self, the divine spark within all beings.”

“I am the master of all illusions, the one who transcends all limitations.”

“I am the supreme being, the ultimate embodiment of love and compassion.”

“I am the one who grants boons and blessings to all.”

“I am the one who lifts the fallen, the one who helps those in need.”

“I am the one who leads all to liberation and enlightenment.”

“I am the one who dispels all fears and doubts.”

“I am the one who instills courage and strength in all.”

“I am the one who upholds dharma, the righteous path.”

“I am the one who assures the safety and protection of all.”

“I am the one who is beyond time, space, and causation.”