“I’ll always be loyal to the highest bidder.”

“I have no friends, only acquaintances I can use for my own benefit.”

“Friends are like currency, you only use them when you need them.”

“Loyalty is for fools.”

“If someone else can offer me better, why be loyal?”

“I don’t believe in loyalty, I believe in leverage.”

“Loyalty is a commodity, and I sell to the highest bidder.”

“You scratch my back, I’ll stab yours.”

“Loyalty is overrated, power is what matters.” “There’s no such thing as loyalty in business.”

“Loyalty is a one-way street.”

“I don’t have any loyalty to anyone except myself.”

“Betrayal is the ultimate loyalty.” LOSER QUOTES IN ENGLISH

“I’m not loyal to anyone, I’m loyal to my own interests.”

“Loyalty is a luxury I can’t afford.”

“I’m loyal to no one but my own ambition.”

“Loyalty is a weakness that only holds you back.”

“I don’t have time for loyalty, I’m too busy looking out for myself.”

“Loyalty is for the weak.”

“I don’t owe anyone my loyalty.”

“Never be loyal to a person, only to a cause.”

“Loyalty is just an illusion.”

“Loyalty is for pets, not people.”

“I’ll be loyal until it no longer serves me.”