1) “To begin at the beginning: It is spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black.”

2) “Oh, that was a spring day, in the month of May, when Dylan Thomas was a boy.”

3) “It is night, and the sea is a black pit. The town lies in darkness.”

4) “My love, my little boat, a wave on the sea.”

5) “The sea smells of beaches and rain and seaweed.”

6) “The moon is a silver button, shining through the window.”

7) “The town is a dream of houses, and the houses are like flowers.”

8) “The children of Llareggub are asleep, dreaming of the sea.”

9) “The town has a hundred faces, all smiling in the sun.”

10) “The sea is a memory of drowned sailors, lost at sea.”

11) “The town has a thousand noises, and the noises are like music.”

12) “The sea is a thousand songs, sung by the waves and the wind.”

13) “The town is a hundred smells, and the smells are like spices.” QUOTES ZEBRA

14) “The sea is a thousand colours, changing with every wave.”

15) “The town is a hundred stories, and the stories are like fairytales.”

16) “The sea is a thousand secrets, hidden beneath the waves.”

17) “The town is a hundred faces, all telling a different tale.”

18) “The sea is a thousand sunsets, reflected in the water.”

19) “The town is a hundred dreams, and the dreams are like poetry.”

20) “The sea is a thousand feelings, expressed in every wave.”

21) “The night is a thousand whispers, telling secrets to the moon.”

22) “The town is a hundred shadows, all dancing in the moonlight.”

23) “The sea is a thousand mysteries, waiting to be discovered.”

24) “The town is a hundred memories, and the memories are like treasures.”