“Thursday is the new Friday.”

“Thirsty Thursdays were made for happy hours.”

“Thursday is a day for cocktails and dreams.”

“Thursday is the gateway to the weekend. Cheers to that!”

“Thursday is like a runway for the weekend.”

“Thursday is the perfect excuse to start the weekend early.”

“A little thirsty Thursday never hurt anyone.”

“Thursdays are for sipping your way into the weekend.”

“Thursdays are for turning up and turning down for what?” “Thirsty Thursday…because Friday hasn’t started yet.”

“Thursdays are for celebrating the end of the workweek in style.”

“Thursdays are for spicing up your life and your cocktails.”

“Thursdays are for letting go of the week’s stress and loosing up.” OUT THE WAY QUOTES

“Thursday is the day to let your hair down and clink those glasses.”

“Thirsty Thursdays are for making memories with good friends and great drinks.”

“Thursday is the new Saturday night. Bring on the party.”

“Thursdays are for making plans that are worth drinking to.”

“Thursday, the day where the weekend starts to become a reality.”

“Thursdays are for indulging in a little liquid refreshment.”

“Thursday: the day to kick off your shoes and enjoy a drink, because you’re almost there!”

“Thursdays are for unwinding and creating the stories you’ll tell on Friday.”

“Thursdays are for practicing your weekend dance moves…with drink in hand, of course.”

“Thursdays are the perfect excuse to leave work a little early and cheers to the weekend.”

“Thursdays are for toasting to the good life and good company.”