“The fact is, I was always more interested in the girls’ suicides than in the boys’ suicides. What did the deaths of these girls mean?”

“We knew only that the girls were beautiful and mysterious.”

“On the morning the last Lisbon daughter took her turn at suicide, we knew that there would be no going back.”

“They had killed themselves because they were too beautiful for this world.”

“It didn’t matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls… But we had killed them: that much was clear.”

“Their beauty was a gift, but it was also a burden.”

“Their eyes were beautiful and locked up secrets.”

“They seemed to be able to choose whether to be beautiful or invisible.”

“The Lisbon girls were simply incomprehensible to us.”

“Even as they killed themselves, they remained secure in their own logic.”

“The Lisbon girls were trapped in their own dreams.”

“They were like beautiful china dolls, just waiting to crack.”

“The Lisbon girls seemed to have everything, yet they were unhappy.” FUNNY QUOTES ABOUT VIOLENCE

“It was as if they knew something we didn’t.”

“Their deaths were like a beautiful, dark dream.”

“We whispered about them as if they were our idols.”

“They were like beautiful ghosts, haunting our memories.”

“They were the kind of beautiful that made you ache.”

“Their beauty was a weapon they didn’t know how to use.”

“Their beauty was something they carried like a disease.”

“We were like moths drawn to their flame.”

“Their beauty was a curse.”

“We were left with only their memories, and the ache of what could have been.”

“The Lisbon girls may have died, but they would never be forgotten.”