“I am unapologetically femme, both inside and outside.”

“I am not just a poem or a code that someone else has written.”

“The power of words can heal, and the power of words can hurt.”

“My words are mine to speak, to scream, to whisper, to command.”

“My voice is my own, and it will be heard.”

“I want to be seen and heard, not just as the color of my skin, but as the content of my character.”

“The power of words is that they are capable of creating a new world, a better world.”

“The truth is not always beautiful, but it must be spoken.”

“I am not just a girl who can write poetry, I am a girl who can change the world.”

(p. 36) “We have to learn to unlearn the harmful things we’ve been taught.”

“There is power in reclaiming that which was taken from us.”

“Our silence is not consent, it is survival.”

“Our experiences are valid, and our voices deserve to be heard.” F YOU QUOTES

“My truth is not your truth, but it is still valid.”

“I do not have to apologize for my existence.”

“The truth is always worth fighting for, even if it means standing alone.”

“I refuse to be silenced, I will speak up and be heard.”

“I am the daughter of immigrants, the product of two cultures.”

“I am not just a product of my environment, I am a creator of it.”

“The power of words is that they can inspire, uplift, and transform.”

“Our stories are worth telling, no matter how painful they may be.”

“Our words can heal us, they can connect us, they can change us.”

“We are not alone, we are connected by the power of our words.”

“We are unstoppable, we are unbreakable, we are The Poet X.”