“The power of Christ compels you!” – Father Merrin

“I cast you out, unclean spirit!” – Father Karras

“Your mother sucks cocks in Hell!” – Regan possessed

“It’s a terrible crime to lose one’s faith, Father.” – Chris MacNeil

“The devil never dies, he keeps coming back.” – Father Merrin

“How’d you like it if somebody spoke to you like that?” – Chris MacNeil

“The power of friendship is stronger than any demon.” – Sharon

“Do you know what she did, your cunting daughter?” – Regan possessed

“I’m not Regan.” – Regan possessed “You’re wasting your time with this puppet.” – Pazuzu

“What an excellent day for an exorcism.” – Father Merrin

“I can see the sin in you.” – Father Karras

“Your mother’s in here with us Karras. Would you like to leave a message?” – Regan possessed MICHAEL MALICE QUOTES

“The whole thing is a blunt-force assault on our senses, and that’s what makes it work.” – William Friedkin

“You are nothing. You are nothing!” – Regan possessed

“I’m telling you that ‘thing’ upstairs isn’t my daughter.” – Chris MacNeil

“We help people who are experiencing distress and we give them hope.” – Father Karras

“The devil has a thousand names.” – Father Merrin

“It’s not me!” – Regan possessed

“Why you do this to me?” – Regan possessed

“Worthless slime, you little piece of shit.” – Regan possessed

“You know what she did?” – Regan possessed

“There is a moment of sheer panic when I realize that Paul’s cooked breakfast.” – Chris MacNeil

“I want you to leave me alone.” – Regan possessed