“We may lose and we may win though we will never be here again. So open up, I’m climbin’ in, so take it easy.”

“Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? You’ve been out ridin’ fences for so long now.”

“You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

“Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face.”

“There are stars in the Southern sky, and if ever you decide you should go, there is a taste of time-sweetened honey, down the Seven Bridges Road.”

“I was standing in the corner, watching all the guys trying to make a move. And then she came up to me and said, ‘Hey, boy, do you wanna dance?'”

“City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile.”

“You can spend all your time making money. You can spend all your love making time.”

“Life is such a miracle. We’re all just standing here in awe.”

“Don’t ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to.”

“Go ahead and make your money, but don’t sell your soul.”

“Wasted time, now there’s nothin’ left to say, so let’s just drink another beer, pretend that we have nothing to fear.”

“It’s a long, long way from here to where we’re going.” HINDUISM QUOTES

“I’ve been searching for the daughter of the Devil himself, I’ve been searching for an angel in white, I’ve been waiting for a woman who’s a little of both, and I can feel her but she’s nowhere in sight.”

“We got a thousand miles ahead of us and we’re gonna find out what it takes.”

“So often we say goodbye to love before we even try.”

“Somebody’s gonna hurt someone before the night is through, somebody’s gonna come undone, there’s nothin’ we can do.”

“Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on.”

“Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice.”

“I wanna be your man, I wanna be your lover, baby, yeah.”

“Peaceful easy feeling, I know you won’t let me down.”

“I’m running down the road trying to loosen my load, I’ve got seven women on my mind, four that wanna own me, two that wanna stone me, one says she’s a friend of mine.”

“You got your demons, you got desires, well, I’ve got a few of my own.”

“They say that we’ve got nothing, but you and me, we’ve got everything.”