“Swing is the thing. It’s that feeling that drives musicians and dancers alike.” – Count Basie

“Swing music makes me feel alive. It’s like a burst of energy that can lift me up no matter what.” – Ella Fitzgerald

“Swing isn’t just music. It’s a way of life.” – Duke Ellington

“I don’t think there is anything better than feeling the pulse of the swing beat.” – Benny Goodman

“Swing is a feeling that’s hard to put into words. It’s an energy, a rhythm, and a spirit all at once.” – Cab Calloway

“Swing music is America’s gift to the world.” – Nat King Cole

“Swing music captures the joy and excitement of life. It’s the soundtrack to the good times.” – Louis Armstrong

“Swing is a language that everyone can understand. It’s the universal rhythm.” – Artie Shaw

“Swing isn’t just about technique. It’s about soul.” – Lionel Hampton “Swing music is the sound of freedom. It’s the antidote to oppression and tyranny.” – Dizzy Gillespie

“Swing music is like a big, warm hug. It’s comforting and energizing at the same time.” – Sarah Vaughan

“Swing is the music of the people. It brings us together and makes us feel alive.” – Benny Carter

“Swing has a way of lifting your spirits and making you feel alive. It’s like a magic potion for the soul.” – Chick Webb ONLINE QUOTE WINDOWS

“Swing is the heartbeat of America. It’s a reflection of our culture and our values.” – Jimmie Lunceford

“Swing is the sound of freedom, the rhythm of democracy, and the beat of human progress.” – Charlie Parker

“Swing music is the sound of joy in motion. It’s impossible to sit still when the swing beat starts.” – Gene Krupa

“Swing is a celebration of life. It’s the sound of people coming together to have a good time.” – Johnny Hodges

“Swing music is the soundtrack to our lives. It’s there for us in the good times and the bad.” – Benny Green

“Swing is like a musical rollercoaster. It takes you on a wild ride of emotions and energy.” – Fletcher Henderson

“Swing music is like a symphony of happiness. It’s a symphony we can all dance to.” – Roy Eldridge

“Swing is the rhythm of optimism. It’s the sound of hope and possibility.” – Benny Moten

“Swing is the music of the soul. It’s the sound of our innermost dreams and desires.” – Earl Hines

“Swing music is the sound of democracy in action. It’s the music of the people, by the people, and for the people.” – Jay McShann

“Swing is the music of the heart. It’s the sound of love, joy, and passion.” – Rex Stewart