“Smoke weed and stay fly, that’s how we do it in the swag life.”

“When life gets tough, just take a puff and enjoy the ride.”

“I don’t need your approval, I got my own swag and smoke.”

“I smoke to relieve stress, I don’t smoke to impress.”

“The smoke rises and so do I, living life to the fullest with swag and style.”

“They see me smoking and they hate, but they can’t deny my swag is great.”

“My swag is like the smoke, it’s always rising and never fading.”

“I smoke good weed, I wear the freshest gear, I am the definition of swag.”

“Smoke weed, stay fly, and never let anyone dull your swag.”

“My swag is on fire, just like the smoke that I exhale.”

“I don’t need a reason to smoke, I simply do it because it’s part of my swag.”

“Smoke in my lungs, swag in my heart – that’s all I need to get by.”

“Light up the world with your swag and smoke, but don’t forget to keep it classy.” YELLOW DAY QUOTES

“I don’t just smoke, I inhale the swag and exhale the negativity.”

“Smoking is my way of keeping my swag on point and my skills sharp.”

“I don’t need anyone’s validation, my swag and my smoke speak for themselves.”

“Life’s too short to live without swag and smoke, so enjoy it while you can.”

“My swag is like the smoke, it surrounds me and takes me higher.”

“Smoke and swag – two things that I always carry with me.”

“My swag and my smoke are a perfect match, they complement each other perfectly.”

“Don’t hate on my swag and smoke, embrace it and join the ride.”

“I smoke to forget the world and embrace my swag – it’s my escape from reality.”

“Swag and smoke – the two things that make me who I am today.”

“I live my life with swag and smoke, and nothing can ever bring me down.”