“Stop chasing the wrong things and the right things will eventually catch you.”

“The more you chase something, the further it becomes.”

“Stop running after people who won’t give you the time of day.”

“Sometimes, the best way to get something is to stop waiting for it and start working towards it.”

“Stop chasing your dreams and start creating them.”

“Stop chasing someone who doesn’t care, and start focusing on someone who does.”

“The more you chase the past, the more it will elude you. Just let it go and move on.”

“Stop chasing someone else’s idea of success and create your own.”

“Stop chasing happiness and create a life that makes you happy.”

“Stop chasing people who don’t want to be caught.”

“Stop chasing perfection and start chasing progress.”

“The less you chase, the more you attract.”

“Stop chasing temporary pleasures and start chasing long-term fulfillment.” DUANE MICHALS QUOTES

“Sometimes, the things we chase the hardest are the ones we need to let go of the most.”

“Stop chasing the approval of others and focus on being true to yourself.”

“Stop chasing love and let it find you.”

“The more you chase something, the more it reveals its unattainability.”

“Stop chasing things that are not meant for you and focus on what is.”

“Stop chasing validation from others and validate yourself.”

“Sometimes, the things we need the most are the things we fear chasing the most.”

“Stop chasing the future and live in the present moment.”

“Stop chasing success and start living a life of significance.”

“The more you chase, the less control you have. Let go and let life happen.”

“Stop chasing the wrong things and create space for the right things to come.”