“Spread your wings and let your soul fly.” – Unknown

“The moment you spread your wings fearlessly, you will soar to new heights.” -Unknown

“Believe in yourself, spread your wings and fly away. The sky is yours.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and embrace the wind. Let it take you to new and exciting places.” -Unknown

“Don’t be afraid to spread your wings, darling. You were born to fly.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and fly, let the world be your playground.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings, follow your dreams, and let life take you on an adventure.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and discover new horizons.” -Unknown

“Life is an endless adventure, so spread your wings and fly.” -Unknown “Let your spirit soar and spread your wings, for the sky’s the limit.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and soar high, the world is waiting for you.” -Unknown

“Believe in your abilities, spread your wings and fly towards your dreams.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and make your dreams fly high, as the sky’s the limit.” -Unknown ERIC BIRLING QUOTES ACT 2

“Spread your wings and venture into the unknown, for that’s where magic happens.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and fly fearlessly, let the journey take you where you’re meant to be.” -Unknown

“Life is too short to live in fear, so spread your wings and fly.” -Unknown

“Life is a journey, so spread your wings and take flight.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and take risks, for that’s where greatness lies.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and chase your dreams, for anything is possible.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and let your spirit soar, the universe will guide you.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and fly towards your destiny, for that’s where your true calling lies.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and live a life of freedom and happiness.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings and explore the beauty of life.” -Unknown

“Spread your wings, be brave, and live a life full of wonder.” -Unknown