“Silence is a better response than words filled with lies.” – Unknown

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

“Things are said best when left unsaid.” – Unknown

“In some situations, silence is more eloquent than words.” – Unknown

“Silence is often the best answer to an unwise remark.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Letting go of what we cannot change is the best way to move forward.” – Unknown

“Sometimes keeping quiet is the best way to show someone their mistakes.” – Unknown

“Words can hurt more than actions; sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.” – Unknown

“Silence and smile are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems, and silence is the way to avoid many problems.” – Unknown “It’s better to keep your thoughts to yourself than to release them and create unnecessary chaos.” – Unknown

“Not everything needs to be said. Sometimes, it’s better to simply let things be.” – Unknown

“There are times when silence speaks louder than words.” – Unknown

“Some things are better left unspoken, for they can’t be unsaid.” – Unknown ROBIN ROBERTS QUOTES

“There are times when remaining silent is the best thing you can do for yourself.” – Unknown

“Speak only when you have something important to say, because words are powerful weapons.” – Unknown

“When words are not enough, silence speaks volumes.” – Unknown

“Think twice before you speak, for your words can hurt others irreparably.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, it’s better to be silent and let your actions speak for themselves.” – Unknown

“Words can be spoken in haste, but their effects can linger for a long time.” – Unknown

“Silence often protects us from the things we don’t want to hear.” – Unknown

“Some things are better left unsaid to avoid unnecessary tension.” – Unknown

“The best way to avoid an argument is to simply remain silent.” – Unknown

“Words can heal, but they can also hurt. It’s important to know when to say nothing at all.” – Unknown

“Being quiet is not the same as being silent. One speaks with their words, and the other speaks with their actions.” – Unknown