“Snitches get stitches.”

“Nobody likes a tattletale.”

“A snitch is someone who steals your trust and sells it to the highest bidder.”

“Informers are like spiders, weaving webs to trap the unsuspecting.”

“Snitching is the coward’s way of gaining power.”

“Don’t be fooled by a snitch’s smile, they’ll stab you in the back without a second thought.”

“Only a true friend remains silent, while the snitch shouts from the rooftops.”

“Snitching is a weapon used by the weak to harm the innocent.”

“Trust is fragile; a snitch shatters it with a single word.” “Beware the snake in the grass, for it may be a snitch in disguise.”

“The snitch’s tongue is as sharp as a knife, slicing through friendships and trust.”

“Snitching is a disease that spreads like wildfire, infecting all it touches.”

“A snitch is the turncoat who betrays their own for personal gain.” INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE QUOTES

“Snitching is the act of giving up your integrity in exchange for temporary safety.”

“Snitching is a broken promise, a breach of loyalty.”

“Snitches are the parasites of society, sucking the life out of honest relationships.”

“A snitch is the master of manipulation, using information as a weapon.”

“Snitching is the act of trading honor for a quick escape from trouble.”

“A snitch is a leech, feeding off the wounds of others for their own benefit.”

“Never trust a snitch, for they will always have a hidden agenda.”

“Snitching is the art of selling out your own kind for personal gain.”

“Snitches are the puppet masters, pulling the strings from the shadows.”

“Trading secrets for safety, a snitch has no allegiance but to themselves.”

“Snitching is the act of turning a blind eye to solidarity, choosing self-interest over loyalty.”