“Small circles are the ones that make the biggest impact.” – Unknown

“Small circles can create big change.” – Rachel Brathen

“Small circles breed creativity and innovation.” – Louis Farrakhan

“The strength of a small circle is in its unity.” – Unknown

“Small circles foster deep connection.” – Sakyong Mipham

“In a small circle, everyone matters.” – Unknown

“A small circle of friends is better than a large crowd of acquaintances.” – Unknown

“Small circles allow for authenticity and vulnerability.” – Terence McKenna

“Small circles are where you find true friendship.” – Unknown “Big goals start with small circles.” – Simon Sinek

“Small circles empower individual voices.” – Eckhart Tolle

“Small circles cultivate accountability and trust.” – BrenĂ© Brown

“Small circles promote inclusivity and diversity.” – Unknown BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND QUOTE

“In a small circle, everyone has a role.” – Unknown

“Small circles fuel passion and purpose.” – Unknown

“Small circles provide a safe space for growth and healing.” – Unknown

“Small circles are where true collaboration happens.” – Unknown

“Small circles allow for personal development.” – Unknown

“Small circles promote active listening and respect.” – Unknown

“Small circles encourage collective problem-solving.” – Unknown

“Small circles are where you can find your tribe.” – Unknown

“Small circles allow for deeper conversations and connections.” – Unknown

“Small circles allow for individual attention and support.” – Unknown

“Small circles create a sense of family and belonging.” – Unknown