“Falling asleep next to you is the best feeling in the world.”

“Being next to you makes everything feel better, even sleeping.”

“When I sleep next to you, I feel at home.”

“I love the feeling of your warmth next to me when we sleep.”

“I never want to wake up from this dream of sleeping next to you.”

“Sleeping next to you is the highlight of my day.”

“Your presence next to me in bed gives me the best night’s sleep.”

“I can’t imagine going to sleep without you next to me.”

“The comfort of your embrace is all I need to sleep peacefully.”

“Sleeping next to you is like being wrapped in a warm blanket.”

“I feel safe and secure when I sleep next to you.”

“I cherish every moment I get to spend sleeping next to you.”

“There’s nothing better than falling asleep next to the person you love.” CONSTELLATION QUOTES

“The sound of your breathing next to me is the most comforting sound at night.”

“Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to your beautiful face next to me.”

“I could never have a bad dream when I sleep next to you.”

“Being with you is like having my own personal oasis to sleep in.”

“Sleeping next to you is the best way to end my day.”

“I feel complete when I’m nestled next to you in bed.”

“In your arms is the only place I want to sleep.”

“The best dreams come when I sleep next to you.”

“You make sleeping an adventure that I look forward to every day.”

“I never want to spend a night without you by my side.”

“Sleeping next to you is my favorite part of the day, every day.”