“Love without sin is like a flower without petals.” – Anonymous

“The greatest sin in love is to give up too easily.” – Anonymous

“If loving you is a sin, then I’ll be the greatest sinner of them all.” – Anonymous

“Love and sin go hand in hand, but it depends on who you’re sinning with.” – Anonymous

“Some people say love is a sin, but I say it’s the salvation of the soul.” – Anonymous

“Love is the forbidden fruit, and I can’t help but take a bite.” – Anonymous

“I’d rather sin with you than be right without you.” – Anonymous

“The most delicious sin of all is love.” – Anonymous

“Love is the biggest sin and the greatest virtue.” – Anonymous “I may be a sinner, but at least I’m in love.” – Anonymous

“Love is the only sin that never leaves you feeling guilty.” – Anonymous

“There’s nothing sinful about love, but there’s nothing more tempting either.” – Anonymous

“To love is to sin, but to not love is to waste away.” – Anonymous TO ME YOU ARE PERFECT QUOTE

“I’ll sin a million times for the sake of love.” – Anonymous

“In the midst of sin, there is love waiting to be discovered.” – Anonymous

“I never knew love until I sinned for the first time.” – Anonymous

“Love is the only sin worth committing.” – Anonymous

“If loving you is a sin, then it’s one that I’ll gladly keep committing.” – Anonymous

“The sweetness of sin is only surpassed by the sweetness of love.” – Anonymous

“Love is the only sin that makes sense in this crazy world.” – Anonymous

“They say love is blind, but it’s the sin that blinds us.” – Anonymous

“If love is a sin, then I don’t want to be virtuous.” – Anonymous

“Love can be the greatest sin or the greatest blessing, it all depends on how you approach it.” – Anonymous

“With love, every sin can be forgiven.” – Anonymous