“You gotta be a leader, not a follower.”

“The only measure of success in this game is survival.”

“Life is a game, and we’re just trying to win it.”

“They say follow your dreams, but in reality, you gotta chase them down.”

“In this world, you either the predator or the prey. And I ain’t tryna be no prey.”

“If you can’t earn respect, demand it.”

“To be successful in this life, you gotta take risks.”

“Never forget where you come from, but always strive for something better.”

“The game don’t wait for nobody. So you gotta keep moving forward, no matter what.”

“You gotta be cold-blooded in this game. It’s either them or us.”

“Money is the root of all evil, but it’s also the key to success.”

“In this game, you can’t trust nobody but yourself.”

“The streets don’t love nobody. You gotta take care of yourself.” STOP INTERFERING IN MY RELATIONSHIP QUOTES

“There’s no loyalty in this game. Everybody’s out for themselves.”

“You gotta be willing to do whatever it takes to survive.”

“You can’t make moves if you’re not willing to take risks.”

“The game is like a chessboard. You gotta make strategic moves to stay ahead.”

“Your reputation is everything in this game. Guard it with your life.”

“In this game, you gotta have a plan. Otherwise, you’re just another statistic.”

“Success is the only option. Failure is not an option in this game.”

“In this game, there’s no room for mistakes. One wrong move and it’s all over.”

“Money, power, and respect. That’s all you need to survive in this game.”

“You gotta be willing to go the extra mile to succeed.”

“In this game, you gotta have heart. Otherwise, you’ll never make it to the top.”