“Om Namah Shivaya”

“Shiva is the destroyer of ego.”

“Shiva is the lord of meditation and yoga.”

“Shiva is the one who removes our sins.”

“Shiva represents the eternal silence of the universe.”

“Shiva is the embodiment of supreme consciousness.”

“Shiva is the ultimate source of all wisdom.”

“Shiva is the god of all things natural.”

“Shiva is the god of compassion and love.”

“Shiva destroys all obstacles and challenges.”

“Shiva is the lord of all gods.”

“Shiva is the lord of creation, preservation, and destruction.”

“Shiva is formless and eternal.” IF U THINK I AM BAD QUOTES

“Shiva is the lord of all spirits.”

“Shiva is the destroyer of all evil.”

“Shiva is the supreme god of Yoga.”

“Shiva is the ultimate protector of all good and pure things.”

“Shiva is the lord of all karmic laws.”

“Shiva is the lord of balance and harmony.”

“Shiva represents the ultimate truth and wisdom.”

“Shiva is the one who leads us to the path of liberation.”

“Shiva is the one who gives us strength and power.”

“Shiva is the one who helps us overcome fear and ignorance.”

“Shiva is the ultimate source of all joy and happiness.”