“A selfish father makes for a lonely child.”

“A selfish father only knows how to take, never how to give.”

“Selfish fathers prioritize their own desires over their children’s needs.”

“A selfish father puts his own happiness above his family’s well-being.”

“Selfish fathers create distant relationships with their children.”

“A selfish father is a burden on his family.”

“A selfish father fails to provide emotional support to his children.”

“Selfish fathers are more concerned with their own image than their children’s happiness.”

“A selfish father is incapable of true love and sacrifice.” “Selfish fathers leave their children feeling unloved and unwanted.”

“A selfish father is always looking for ways to benefit himself, never his family.”

“Selfish fathers are poor role models for their children.”

“A selfish father is blinded by his own self-importance.” THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR QUOTES

“Selfish fathers are more concerned with their own achievements than their children’s success.”

“A selfish father puts his own interests before his family’s needs.”

“Selfish fathers fail to see the impact their actions have on their children’s lives.”

“A selfish father is emotionally unavailable to his children.”

“Selfish fathers create a toxic environment for their family.”

“A selfish father leaves his children feeling neglected and unimportant.”

“Selfish fathers lack empathy for their children’s struggles and emotions.”

“A selfish father puts his own needs above his family’s safety and security.”

“Selfish fathers are unable to put their children’s needs before their own desires.”

“A selfish father can never truly understand the joy of selflessness and parenthood.”

“Selfish fathers will never realize the damage they have caused until it’s too late.”