“I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re on my mind all day.”

“You make me feel alive. I crave your touch.”

“I want to explore every inch of your body.”

“You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

“Your smile drives me crazy. I want to be the reason for it.”

“You’re my weakness. I just can’t resist you.”

“I love the way you look at me. It makes me want you even more.”

“Every time I’m around you, I feel a buzz of electricity.”

“You ignite a fire within me. I want you to be my flames.”

“I can’t wait to feel your lips against mine.”

“I want to kiss you until we both lose our breath.”

“You make me feel like I’m the only woman in the world.”

“Your masculinity turns me on. I want to be wrapped in your arms.” DECEMBER QUOTES IN HINDI

“Your hands on my body make me melt.”

“I want to explore all your deepest desires.”

“You have this magnetic pull on me. I can’t resist it.”

“I want to be your everything. Will you let me?”

“You make me feel things I never knew existed.”

“I want to take it slow and explore every inch of your body.”

“You’re the only one who can make me feel this way.”

“You’re the king of my fantasies. Will you let me be your queen?”

“I want to feel your breath on my skin as we get lost in passion.”

“Your touch sends shivers down my spine. I want more of it.”

“I can’t get enough of you. You’re my addiction.”