“Scaffolding is temporary support that helps to build. Just like in life, we all need a little help sometimes.” – John Wooden

“Scaffolding is not tearing down, but building up.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding provides the necessary support to reach new heights.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is the foundation for success.” – Unknown

“Just as scaffolding supports a building, effective scaffolding in teaching supports learning.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is the key to unlocking student success.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is the bridge that connects what you know to what you want to know.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is a way to provide students with just enough support to help them succeed on their own.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is about creating a safe space for learners to take risks and make mistakes.” – Unknown “Scaffolding helps students to stretch beyond their current capabilities.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is about meeting students where they are, and helping them get to where they want to be.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding empowers students to take control of their learning.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is about giving students the tools they need to succeed.” – Unknown FORTITUDE QUOTES

“Scaffolding is the support system that allows students to climb their way to success.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is about helping to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is the process of breaking complex ideas into manageable steps.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is about supporting students’ independence and self-directed learning.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is a collaborative effort between teachers and students.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is not doing the work for the student, but guiding them towards their own solutions.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is not a crutch, but a launchpad for success.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is about providing the right level of challenge for each student.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is essential for ensuring that no student gets left behind.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is the safety net that catches students when they fall, and helps them get back up.” – Unknown

“Scaffolding is the foundation for student growth, and the key to unlocking their potential.” – Unknown