“Here’s to a new year, where we can ignore our problems for another 365 days.”

“Cheers to a new year, full of the same old crap.”

“I can’t wait to see what new disappointments the new year has in store for me.”

“New year, same me. Why bother changing when I’m already so perfect?”

“Another year, another chance to disappoint myself with unfulfilled resolutions.”

“New year, new me? More like new year, same disappointment.”

“I can’t wait to make new mistakes in the new year.”

“New year, same old routine. That’s just how I like it.”

“New year, same old problems. I guess I’ll just keep ignoring them.”

“Another year, another opportunity to make everyone else feel bad about their goals.”

“New year’s resolutions are just a reminder of how much we failed last year.”

“New year, new me? Nah, I’ll stick with being fabulous.”

“New year, same old me. Let’s see how many people I can annoy this year.” NEW PUNJABI QUOTES

“New year, new start? Sounds like a lot of work.”

“Another year, another chance to procrastinate on my goals.”

“New year, new me? Sounds exhausting.”

“Cheers to a new year, where we can pretend like we have our lives together.”

“New year, same unresolved issues. But at least I have a good excuse to drink.”

“It’s a new year, but the same old people are still annoying.”

“Another year, another opportunity to fail at being a responsible adult.”

“New year, new me? Why bother when I’m already fabulous?”

“Cheers to another year of pretending like we know what we’re doing.”

“New year, same old disappointments. At least I’m consistent.”

“Another year, another chance to lower my expectations.”