“Allah is the only friend who will never abandon you.”

“The most beloved deeds to Allah are those done regularly, even if they are small.”

“Only through struggle and patience can we achieve greatness.”

“The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her modesty.”

“Allah knows what’s best for you even if you don’t see it.”

“By being kind to others, Allah will be kind to you.”

“Your kindness towards others is a reflection of your faith in Allah.”

“Seeking knowledge is a form of worship and a path to righteousness.”

“The best way to show gratitude to Allah is to use the blessings He has given you for good.” “Through prayer we find serenity and strength when the world pushes us down.”

“It’s not about how much you have, it’s about how much you are willing to give.”

“Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself and to others.”

“Allah never gives a burden too heavy for you to carry.” CAR PARKING QUOTES

“Be the light in the darkness for others.”

“Believe in yourself, but trust in Allah’s plan for you.”

“Being content with what Allah has given you is the greatest form of wealth.”

“Patience is not just about waiting, it’s about how you behave while you wait.”

“Success comes not simply from hard work, but from Allah’s blessings.”

“In the end, all we have is our relationship with Allah.”

“Be mindful of how you treat others. What you do for others, Allah will do for you.”

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity – trust in Allah and overcome.”

“It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.”

“Life is a test, and every struggle is a chance to grow closer to Allah.”

“Believe that Allah will make everything right in His perfect timing.”