“Dard hai dil mein, magar khud se hai aapki yaad ka koi ilaj nahi.”

(There is pain in my heart, but there is no cure for your memories.)

“Tujhse mohabbat karnay ki koshishen toh ki hai, magar aik mod pe ruth gayi kismat meri.”

(I tried to love you, but my fate betrayed me on the way.)

“Zindagi maangi thi sirf tumhara saath, par dati hi rahein raahon mein tanhaayi meri.”

(I only asked for your company in life, but loneliness always follows me on my journey.)

“Chaahe chaman se pyaara ho jaye wafa ka phool, magar phool bhi murjha jaata hai aakhir mein.”

(Even if the flower of loyalty comes from the garden, it eventually withers away.)

“Suno, kuch khoyi khoyi si hai meri aankhen, aapke jaane ke baad aapki yaad se dooba hai mera jahaan.”

(Listen, my eyes are filled with a lost look since you left, my world is drowned in your memories.)

“Kash yeh zakhm bhar jaate kisi dosri duniya mein, kisi aisi jagaah jahaaon se tum na nikley hote.”

(I wish these wounds could heal in another world, in a place where you never existed.)

“Bicharnay ke baad toh aankhen meri khwaabon se bhi dar jaati hain, kaash khawabon mein bhi aapke saath mil sakta.”

(After we parted, even my dreams are afraid to be with me, I wish I could meet you in my dreams too.)

“Jab pyar ho jata hai toh har rishta nibhana padta hai, magar jab shiddat se dil ko chot lagti hai toh zindagi se muqaabla padta hai.”

(When you fall in love, you fulfill every relationship, but when your heart is deeply hurt, you have to compete with life itself.)

“Mere pyaar mein kabhi koi hadh nahi thi, magar usne mujhse beintehaa mohabbat ki.”

(There was never a limit to my love, but she loved me unconditionally.)

“Har mohabbat ki ek kahaani hoti hai, har kaheen ka doosra nazara hota hai.”

(Every love story has its own tale and every place has a different view.)

“Har sukh dukh ka sathi hai mohabbat, par mohabbat mein kabhi dukh hota hai toh sabaq ka sathi ban jaata hai.”

(Love is a companion in every joy and sorrow, but when love is hurt, it becomes a lesson.)

“Agar tumhe meri mohabbat ki ahmiyat se koi gila hai, toh jaan lo tumhe hi meri zindagi se koi wasta hai.”

(If you have any complaints about the importance of my love, then know that you are the only one linked with my life.)

“Mohabbat dard hai dil mein, magar koi ummeed bhi hai, kahin na kahin koi toh hai jo iss dard ko jaanta hai.” REALITY AND PERCEPTION QUOTES

(Love is pain in the heart, but there is also hope that someone, somewhere, understands this pain.)

“Chupke chupke rote the tumhaare naam se, ab toh tumhare naam se hasein bhi nahi jaate.”

(I used to cry silently in your name, now I can’t even laugh at the mention of your name.)

“Usne mohabbat toh nahi ki, magar deewana bana diya, aapni bholi bhaali muhabbat se.”

(She didn’t love me, but made me a crazy with her simple love.)

“Tumne toh hamesha hi apni zindagi mere naam kar di, magar yeh nahi socha ki meri zindagi khud tumhara naam ho jaayegi.”

(You have always lived your life in my name, but you never realized that my life would eventually be yours too.)

“Mohabbat mein kuchh bhi ho sakta hai, kabhi khushi, kabhi dukh, magar hamesha ehsaas hota hai.”

(Anything can happen in love, sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow, but there is always a feeling.)

“Acha hun main, sab khush hain mujhe khush dekh kar, magar andar se toot chuka hun, uska naam liye bina ab mujhe jeena nahi aata.”

(Everyone thinks I am doing well, seeing me happy, but inside, I am broken, I cannot live without her name.)

“Tumhare liye ek baar bhi toh jeeta tha main, magar tumne mohabbat ke khel mein meri haar karwa di.”

(I won so many times for you, but you made me lose in the game of love.)

“Tumhein apne dil se nikala, par yeh bhool gaye ki mere dil se kabhi nahi nikalenge.”

(You pulled yourself out of your heart, but forgot that you will never be out of mine.)

“Duniya ke sabse bade shairon ne mohabbat ki hai, magar sabse kisi ne bhi iss dard ko khatam nahi kar paya.”

(The greatest poets in the world write about love, but nobody could ever end this pain.)

“Mohabbat mein kabhi kabhi bewafai bhi hoti hai, magar us bewafai se bhi zyada dard milta hai chupi wafao se.”

(Sometimes there is infidelity in love, but hidden loyalty hurts more than that.)

“Khud ko mitaane ki jab mohabbat mein aadat lag jaati hai, toh hamesha koi aur se dil toot-te hain.”

(When you get used to erasing yourself in love, then your heart always breaks for someone else.)

“Mohabbat phir se barsegi kahin, kisi dosri jahan mein, magar mere dil mein toh hamesha apna mohabbat tay hai.”

(Love will pour somewhere else again, in another world, but my heart will always have my love.)