“Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the sadness take over.”

“Empty bed, empty heart. Goodnight.”

“Another night spent alone with my thoughts. Goodnight, world.”

“Sleeping pills only give temporary relief from the sadness. Goodnight anyway.”

“The nights are always the hardest. Goodnight, my love.”

“Another day gone, another chance missed. Goodnight, cruel world.”

“I pray for a better tomorrow. Goodnight, dear God.”

“Sometimes the only comfort comes from sleep. Goodnight, troubled mind.”

“When will the pain end? Goodnight, tired soul.” “The darkness of the night is a perfect match for my sadness. Goodnight.”

“As the night falls, the tears fall harder. Goodnight, broken heart.”

“The night is full of demons, both real and imaginary. Goodnight, trembling spirit.”

“Sleep is the only escape from reality. Goodnight, cruel world.” THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME QUOTES

“I hope the dreams are better than reality. Goodnight, troubled mind.”

“Another night without you. Goodnight, my love.”

“The night is silent but my heart is screaming. Goodnight, miserable existence.”

“The night is an abyss that I can’t escape from. Goodnight, lost soul.”

“The night is a cruel mistress. Goodnight, lonely heart.”

“I hope the morning brings some comfort. Goodnight, shattered dreams.”

“The night is a constant reminder of my solitude. Goodnight, empty soul.”

“Sometimes sleep is the only refuge from the pain. Goodnight, wounded heart.”

“I long for the day when goodnight means truly good. Goodnight, hope.”

“The night is a deep ocean of darkness. Goodnight, drowning spirit.”

“Goodnight, sad world. May you rest easier than I ever could.”