“A hug is a perfect gift. One size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it.” – Ivern Ball

“A hug is the perfect medicine; it can heal wounds, mend broken hearts, and make us feel whole again.” – Anonymous

“A hug is the language of the heart. It speaks its own beautiful and silent language.” – Anonymous

“Hugs are like pillows; they give you the comfort you need when you need it most.” – Anonymous

“Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express all the love you have in your heart. That’s when a hug comes in handy.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a handshake from the heart.” – Anonymous

“A hug is an instant vacation that you can take whenever you need one.” – Anonymous

“A hug is the sweetest thing you can give, it’s the perfect way to show the love you feel.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a way to say, ‘I care,’ without using any words.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a universal language that transcends all boundaries.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a warm embrace that can melt even the coldest heart.” – Anonymous

“A good hug is like a warm blanket on a cold day; it makes you feel safe, loved, and comforted.” – Anonymous

“A hug can say what words cannot.” – Anonymous ADAM SMITH QUOTES IN HINDI AND ENGLISH

“A hug is a silent way of telling someone that you care about them.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a gift that you can give to anyone, anytime, anyplace.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a reminder that someone cares about you.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a way to show someone that they matter and that they are loved.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a feeling of pure joy that can brighten up even the darkest of days.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a way to connect two hearts as one.” – Anonymous

“A hug is like a band-aid for a broken heart; it won’t heal everything, but it sure does help.” – Anonymous

“A hug is the simplest form of love that you can give, but it can mean the world to someone who needs it.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a moment of happiness that lasts forever in our memories.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a gesture of love that says more than words ever could.” – Anonymous

“A hug is a gift that never goes out of style and is always appreciated.” – Anonymous