“Red hair is like a flame, it draws attention from miles away.” – Unknown

“Redheads, the only people who can pull off both sweet and devilish looks at the same time.” – Unknown

“Red hair, don’t care.” – Unknown

“Some say redheads have a fiery temper, but really we just have a passion for life.” – Unknown

“Red hair and humor are more attractive than any designer handbag.” – Jamie McGuire

“Redheads are the unicorns of humanity.” – Unknown

“The beauty of a redhead is not in the color of their hair but in the strength of their spirit.” – Unknown

“There’s nothing like a redhead with a sense of humor.” – Unknown

“To be a redhead is to be unique. Remember, only 2% of the population has red hair.” – Unknown “Red hair doesn’t define who you are, but it sure does make a statement.” – Unknown

“Redheads: We are rare, we are wonderful, we are to be cherished.” – Unknown

“Red hair, freckles, and a fierce attitude. Can’t mess with that.” – Unknown

“Redheads are the ultimate paradox, both rare and fiery.” – Unknown GOD SPOKEN WORD MINISTRY QUOTES

“Red hair, black clothes, and a wicked sense of humor – what more could you want?” – Unknown

“Redheads are like the sun, they shine bright and bring warmth to your life.” – Unknown

“Red hair, the spice of life.” – Unknown

“Red hair, because life is too short to blend in.” – Unknown

“Redheads are the superheroes of the hair world.” – Unknown

“Red hair and a little bit of attitude can conquer the world.” – Unknown

“Redheaded women are not usually tempered, they are the chosen ones.” – Unknown

“Red hair, a beauty that cannot be ignored.” – Unknown

“Red hair, the perfect accessory for any outfit.” – Unknown

“Red hair is not just a color, it’s an attitude.” – Unknown

“Redheads, making the world a little more colorful every day.” – Unknown