“Truth is the ultimate victory, and nothing can stand in its way.”

“The greatest blessing is to have a virtuous friend.”

“A man’s character is judged by his actions, not his words.”

“Hatred and anger are the enemies of wisdom and peace.”

“Happiness is found within, not in the external world.”

“One must tread the path of righteousness even when it is difficult.”

“Forgiveness brings healing and inner peace.”

“One must serve others without expecting anything in return.”

“Humility is the mark of a true warrior.” “One should speak truthfully, but with kindness and compassion.”

“A true leader inspires others to greatness.”

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

“One should always strive to learn and grow.” THE MERCHANT OF VENICE SHYLOCK QUOTES

“The greatest obstacle on the path to wisdom is ego.”

“It is better to be defeated in the cause of righteousness than to succeed in the cause of evil.”

“Love and compassion are the foundations of a virtuous life.”

“One should never give up, even when facing great difficulties.”

“Patience is the key to overcoming obstacles.”

“One should always follow dharma, the natural order of the universe.”

“The wise rule their minds, the foolish are ruled by them.”

“One’s destiny is shaped by their thoughts and actions.”

“The greatest wealth is inner peace and contentment.”

“Envy and jealousy lead to destruction.”

“One should always respect and honor their elders.”