“A rabbit’s heart beats faster than a human’s.”

“Rabbits are not just cute and fluffy, they are intelligent creatures.”

“Rabbits can live up to 12 years if they are well-cared for.”

“Bunnies make great pets for children and adults alike.”

“Rabbits are social animals and should not be left alone all day.”

“A group of rabbits is called a colony or a warren.”

“Rabbits can run up to 45 miles per hour.”

“Rabbits have 360-degree vision which helps them detect predators.”

“Rabbits have powerful hind legs that can jump up to 3 feet high.” “A rabbit’s hearing is very sensitive and they can detect sounds up to 2 miles away.”

“Rabbits have a unique digestive system and eat their own feces to extract maximum nutrients.”

“Rabbits are herbivores and should be fed a diet rich in hay and fresh vegetables.”

“Rabbits have a natural instinct to dig and should be provided with digging opportunities.” LABYRINTH JUNK LADY QUOTES

“Rabbits can be litter-trained like cats.”

“Rabbits have a variety of coat colors and patterns.”

“Rabbits have individual personalities and can be quite playful and affectionate.”

“Rabbits are prey animals and can be easily scared, so they need a safe and secure environment.”

“Rabbits can become stressed if they are not handled properly.”

“Rabbits can be taught basic commands such as come, stay, and jump.”

“Rabbits are clean animals and groom themselves regularly.”

“Rabbits can have a calming effect on people and are sometimes used in therapy.”

“Rabbits have been domesticated for over 1,000 years.”

“Rabbits were first introduced to North America by European settlers.”

“Rabbits are often associated with Easter and the spring season.”