“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers

“First impressions are the windows to our souls.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

“The first impression is always the strongest.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are the foundation of a lasting relationship.” – Anonymous

“A first impression can make or break a relationship.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are like a one-way ticket, you can never go back.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are lasting impressions.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are the doorway to success.” – Anonymous

“The value of a first impression is priceless.” – Anonymous “You never know what a first impression is until it’s too late.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are the most important. They set the tone for everything else.” – Anonymous

“Your first impression is your presentation card.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are like dominoes, they set everything in motion.” – Anonymous QUOTES ABOUT ABANDONMENT

“A first impression is a feeling you get about someone before you know anything about them.” – Anonymous

“In business, first impressions are everything.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are the starting point of any relationship.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are like a blueprint, they shape everything that follows.” – Anonymous

“You never know how important a first impression is, until it’s too late.” – Anonymous

“The way you make others feel, is the way they will remember you. Always make a great first impression.” – Anonymous

“The first impression is the key to unlock your success in life.” – Anonymous

“First impressions are like currency, they set the value for everything after.” – Anonymous

“First impressions shape how people see you, and how they treat you.” – Anonymous

“A first impression can be misleading, but it’s still the first thing people notice.” – Anonymous

“The first impression is a powerful force. But it is not the only force.” – Anonymous