“The DJ is the center of the universe. Without the DJ, there is no party.” – David Guetta

“A good DJ is just someone who combines songs together in a way that makes you feel good.” – Diplo

“I’m just a DJ. I don’t make music, but I make people dance.” – Zedd

“The job of the DJ is to create an atmosphere, a vibe to get people moving.” – Calvin Harris

“A DJ has to keep the dance floor filled and keep people having fun.” – Avicii

“A DJ is a curator of sound, selecting and arranging songs to transport people to a different state of mind.” – Jazzy Jeff

“A DJ is an artist who paints with sound.” – Kid Cudi

“A DJ is a storyteller. They take you on a journey through their music.” – Steve Aoki

“A DJ must always understand their audience and cater to their needs.”- TiĆ«sto “Being a DJ is not just about playing music, it’s about creating an experience.” – Afrojack

“As a DJ, I love to take people on a musical journey through different genres and decades.” – Armin van Buuren

“A DJ creates the heartbeat of the party, the pulse that keeps people energized and wanting more.” – Kaskade

“A DJ can take you places you’ve never been before. They can make you feel something you’ve never felt before.” – David Morales SILENT QUOTES HINDI

“The best DJs are the ones who know how to read the crowd and keep them moving.” – Carl Cox

“Being a DJ is about connecting with your audience and making them feel like they’re a part of something special.” – Martin Garrix

“A good DJ knows how to build a vibe and keep it going all night.” – Deadmau5

“A DJ doesn’t just play music, they play emotions.” – Fatboy Slim

“A DJ is a conductor who uses music to bring people together.” – Eric Prydz

“Being a DJ is about sharing your passion for music and inspiring others to do the same.” – Diplo

“A DJ has the power to make people forget their problems and lose themselves in the music.” – Paul Oakenfold

“A great DJ can transform a room and lift people’s spirits like nothing else.” – Skrillex

“Being a DJ is all about creating unforgettable moments and memories for people.” – DJ Snake

“A DJ is like a magician. They have the power to make people feel emotions they never knew existed.” – Above & Beyond

“As a DJ, your job is to make people happy, to bring them together and help them celebrate life.” – Axwell