“God’s miracle-working power is available to all who believe.”

“Faith is the most important thing in the world to God.”

“I am not moved by what I see, I am moved only by what I believe.”

“God’s will is always healing, always blessing, always delivering.”

“The greatest thing in all my life is the love of Jesus.”

“I don’t ask for anything I don’t expect to receive.”

“If you want to know the power of God, you need to know the love of God.”

“Don’t let your circumstances control you, let your faith control them.”

“You will only possess what you are willing to pursue.”

“God is more willing to work a miracle than we are to receive it.”

“No man is greater than his prayer life.”

“Prayer is the key to unlocking the treasures of heaven.”

“The greatest hindrance to the outpouring of God’s power is unbelief.” GORDON PARKS QUOTES

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

“Miracles happen when you expect them to happen.”

“God’s Word is the only thing that can change your life.”

“Don’t let your mind tell you what to believe, let the Word of God tell you what to believe.”

“The only way to be truly happy is to serve God with all your heart.”

“The highest calling in life is to be a servant of God.”

“God wants to take every negative situation in your life and turn it into something positive.”

“The devil only has power over those who let him have it.”

“The more you give, the more you receive.”

“Jesus is the answer to every problem.”

“The greatest way to express your love for God is to obey His Word.”