“I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.”

“I am the destroyer of worlds, and yet the source of all creation.”

“I am the ultimate truth, the supreme power, and the ultimate reality.”

“I am the cosmic dancer, dancing the dance of life and death.”

“I am the lord of the universe, the lord of the soul, the lord of time, and the lord of karma.”

“I am the embodiment of love, peace, and happiness.”

“I am the ultimate guru, the guide to enlightenment, and the dispenser of divine grace.”

“I am the eternal flame, the source of light and wisdom.”

“I am the witness of all that is, was, and will be.”

“I am the knower of the secrets of the universe, and the revealer of mysteries.”

“I am the destroyer of illusions, the liberator from bondage, and the giver of freedom.”

“I am the lord of meditation, the master of yoga, and the patron of spiritual seekers.”

“I am the supreme renunciant, the ascetic who has renounced all worldly pleasures and possessions.” THE NAMESAKE CHAPTER 10 QUOTES

“I am the supreme healer, the one who heals all physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.”

“I am the destroyer of the ego, the vanquisher of pride, and the conqueror of the mind.”

“I am the source of inspiration, the giver of strength, and the source of all creativity.”

“I am the lord of the five elements, the controller of the forces of nature, and the master of the universe.”

“I am the embodiment of sacrifice, the one who sacrifices everything for the sake of humanity.”

“I am the lord of music, the master of the arts, and the patron of all creative endeavors.”

“I am the ruler of the heavens, the king of the gods, and the protector of the righteous.”

“I am the destroyer of evil, the upholder of justice, and the savior of the oppressed.”

“I am the lord of the serpent, the one who wears the cobra around his neck, symbolizing mastery over all animal instincts.”

“I am the lord of the mountains, the one who resides on Mount Kailash, the abode of the gods.”

“I am the cosmic breath, the force of life, the essence of all existence.”