“I am a queen, and I demand to be treated with respect.”

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

“The crown is not just a symbol, it is a burden.”

“A queen’s first duty is to her people.”

“I may be a queen, but I am also a human being.”

“The strength of a king lies in the support of his people.”

“A noble person is one who always makes the right choice, no matter the cost.”

“A true queen leads by example.”

“A king’s true power lies in his wisdom.” “The security of a kingdom is only as strong as the trust of its rulers.”

“A queen must always put her kingdom first.”

“The crown is a weight that only the strongest can bear.”

“A king must be brave, even in the face of adversity.” FRIENDSHIP QUOTES IN SANSKRIT

“A queen must have a heart of gold and a will of steel.”

“A ruler’s true worth is in how they treat the least of their citizens.”

“A kingdom that mistreats its weakest citizens is not truly great.”

“A true king will fight for his people, no matter the cost.”

“A queen’s greatest strength is her ability to inspire.”

“A ruler who seeks only power is doomed to fail.”

“A king must be just, even when it means making difficult choices.”

“A queen must always strive to be worthy of her crown.”

“A kingdom is only as strong as its people.”

“A wise ruler knows when to listen as much as when to speak.”

“A true king or queen rules with their heart and their head.”