“Innocence is a fragile commodity that once lost, can never be regained.” – Unknown

“There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, only pleasures that are unashamedly innocent.” – Susie Bright

“The innocence of the young is like a flower that blooms, only to be plucked by the reality of the world.” – Unknown

“Innocence is bliss, but ignorance is not.” – Unknown

“I have come to realize that innocence is the biggest gift of all.” – Unknown

“Innocence is like a rose, beautiful but fragile.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the foundation of all happiness.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a state of mind, not a state of being.” – Unknown

“Innocence is not a lack of knowledge, but a state of being pure and untouched.” – Unknown

“Innocence is not naive, but courageous.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the absence of guilt and the presence of hope.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the essence of childhood that should never be taken away.” – Unknown

“Innocence is what we all seek, but few of us find.” – Unknown SHIVANI DIDI QUOTES IN HINDI

“Innocence is the only thing that can cure a broken heart.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a treasure that should be protected, cherished and preserved.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the mother of intuition.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the sweetest fruit of life.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the mark of purity in the human soul.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the spark that ignites the flame of creativity.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the best defense against evil.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the light that illuminates the path to truth.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the refuge of those who seek peace.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the fragrance of a life well-lived.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the foundation of trust.” – Unknown.