“I’m disgusted by the lack of empathy in the world today.”

“The actions of some people make me sick to my stomach.”

“I can’t stand the sight of liars and hypocrites.”

“Some things in this world are just beyond my comprehension, and they disgust me.”

“I feel revulsion at the thought of animal cruelty.”

“I’m appalled by the behavior of certain politicians.”

“The greed and selfishness of some people is truly disgusting.”

“There’s nothing more repugnant than racism and discrimination.”

“I’m sickened by the violence and hatred in our society.” “The mistreatment of children is something that fills me with utter disgust.”

“I can’t tolerate people who take pleasure in hurting others.”

“The thought of someone deliberately causing harm to another is nauseating.”

“I’m deeply disturbed by the pollution and destruction of our planet.” ALASKA QUOTA AND PERMITS

“I can’t stand the sight of someone being cruel to animals.”

“For me, there’s nothing more revolting than the mistreatment of the elderly.”

“I’m absolutely sickened by the way some people treat their partners or spouses.”

“The utter disregard some people have for the law is truly disgusting.”

“I’m repulsed by the way some people act like they’re entitled to everything.”

“The complete disrespect some people have for other cultures is appalling.”

“The lack of compassion shown by some towards those in need makes me sick.”

“I can’t believe some people are capable of such inhumanity towards others.”

“Some people’s lack of hygiene and disregard for cleanliness disgusts me.”

“I’m absolutely disgusted by the way some people treat those they see as inferior.”

“The thought of a person deliberately harming themselves fills me with disgust and sorrow.”