“I am not nasty, I am simply outspoken.”

“Nastiness is an addiction that leads to nowhere.”

“Being nasty doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a bully.”

“Always be kind, unless you have to be nasty.”

“Nastiness is a sign of weakness, not strength.”

“Hurt people hurt people, so don’t be nasty.”

“You can be honest without being nasty.”

“Nastiness is contagious, don’t spread it.”

“You can’t build a strong community on nastiness.” “If you want to be respected, don’t be nasty.”

“Being nasty only leads to regret.”

“Hate begets hate, so don’t be nasty.”

“Kindness is free, don’t choose to be nasty.” QUOTE SIGNS

“Nastiness is a choice, choose kindness instead.”

“Words can hurt, so don’t be nasty with them.”

“Nastiness is never a solution to a problem.”

“Nastiness creates enemies, kindness creates friends.”

“Don’t let your anger turn into nastiness.”

“Being nasty is a temporary escape from reality.”

“The true test of character is kindness, not nastiness.”

“Choose kindness over nastiness, any day.”

“Nastiness is a reflection of one’s own inner insecurity.”

“You can stand up for yourself without being nasty.”

“Nastiness stems from a lack of empathy and compassion.”