“I’m not really a fighter, I’m a lover. But if you mess with me, I’m gonna knock you out.”

“I have a chef who cooks for me on set, but I hate eating out because I like to know exactly what’s in my food.”

“I think it’s important to respect the audience and give them something that they’re going to enjoy.”

“I never planned on becoming an actor, but I think it’s in my blood. It’s just what I’m good at.”

“I don’t get nervous about anything. I just do it.”

“I’m not into all the fame and glamour stuff. I just like to do my job and keep my head down.”

“I love doing my own stunts. It’s part of the job.”

“I don’t believe in luck. I believe in hard work and dedication.”

“I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and be honest with yourself about your flaws and your strengths.”

“I’ve never been someone who follows the crowd. I’ve always been my own person.”

“I love action movies, but I also like to mix it up and do some drama as well.”

“I’m not interested in being the biggest movie star in the world. I just want to do good work.”

“I’m not a fan of social media. I like to keep my private life private.” QUOTE OPEN YOUR HEART

“I try to stay in shape all year round. It’s part of my job.”

“I love working with talented actors and directors. It’s what inspires me.”

“I think it’s important to have a good work ethic and be respectful of others on set.”

“I’m not afraid to take risks in my career. That’s how you grow.”

“I don’t really have a specific process when it comes to preparing for a role. I just try to stay in the moment.”

“I don’t have time for negativity or drama. Life is too short.”

“I’m not interested in being in the spotlight. I just want to do my job and go home to my family.”

“I think it’s important to have a good sense of humor in this industry. It helps you stay grounded.”

“I’ve always been someone who likes to challenge myself. That’s how you improve.”

“I think it’s important to never stop learning and growing as an actor.”

“I love playing characters who are flawed and complex. It’s what makes them interesting.”