“Ghosting is the coward’s way out.”

“You can’t be afraid of confrontation forever, ghosting only makes things worse.”

“Ghosting is a sign of immaturity and emotional irresponsibility.”

“Ghosting is like running away from your problems instead of facing them.”

“Ghosting is just a fancy name for being rude and disrespectful.”

“Ghosting shows that someone doesn’t care enough to communicate effectively.”

“Ghosting is a form of emotional abuse.”

“Ghosting is a way to avoid accountability and responsibility.”

“Ghosting is the ultimate example of lack of empathy.” “Ghosting is never an acceptable way to treat someone.”

“Ghosting is the silent treatment on steroids.”

“Ghosting is a cold and heartless act.”

“Ghosting is a way to hurt someone without taking ownership of your actions.” ISLAMIC QUOTES IN URDU TEXT

“Ghosting is like throwing away a friendship or relationship without any explanation.”

“Ghosting is a reflection of someone’s character.”

“Ghosting is the opposite of respect.”

“Ghosting is an example of how the world has become too reliant on technology to communicate.”

“Ghosting is a way to make someone feel small and insignificant.”

“Ghosting is a way to show someone you don’t value them or their feelings.”

“Ghosting is a sign of emotional immaturity.”

“Ghosting is a way to avoid your own emotional discomfort.”

“Ghosting is a way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions.”

“Ghosting is a way to avoid conflict, but conflict is a necessary part of growth.”

“Ghosting is not a solution, it’s an escape.”