“Life’s no fun without a good scare.”

“The living are always quick to bury the dead.”

“Death is a world we cannot see.”

“Marriage vows should never be broken, especially on the groom’s side.”

“The dead have weddings as well.”

“I remain respectfully yours, Victor, as always.”

“I am not altogether human, and I am still able to love.”

“Tears of sorrow can be followed by tears of joy.”

“Dead brides can be more beautiful than living ones.”

“I am dead, but I’m feeling better.”

“You’re not going to find the answer to everything in books, you know.”

“Life is fleeting, but death is eternal.”

“I love you even more now that you’re dead.” QUOTE STERK ZIJN

“The best way to get rid of the dead is to join them.”

“Everyone has their reasons for staying dead.”

“I swear, I’d give my life for a cup of tea.”

“Ladies, do not even ‘think’ of crying. You’ll ruin your makeup.”

“There is a lesson to be learned from everything we do.”

“It’s important to know what one wants, and to know how to get it.”

“Don’t be afraid of the unknown, my dear.”

“People die but their ideas and their dreams live on.”

“My dear, I learned some time ago to ignore the living.”

“Death is a mystery, and so is life.”

“What’s dead stays dead.”