“Torture is the dark side of humanity that must never be normalized or justified.”

“The use of torture undermines the very values and principles that define a civilized society.”

“Torture is the ultimate betrayal of human dignity and the respect for human rights.”

“Torture is a barbaric and ineffective method of securing information or confessions.”

“Torture is a crime against humanity that has no place in the modern world.”

“Torture is not only morally wrong, but it is also counterproductive and damaging to societies.”

“Torture is a cowardly and unethical act that reveals a lack of respect for human life.”

“Torture is an affront to the basic principles of justice and the rule of law.”

“Torture is a violation of the Geneva Conventions and international law.” “Torture is a stain on the conscience of those who practice it and allow it to happen.”

“Torture is a form of terrorism that terrorizes not only the victim but also the society at large.”

“Torture creates more enemies than it eliminates, and perpetuates cycles of violence and conflict.”

“Torture portrays a society that is weak, desperate, and lacking in compassion.” MUSHKIL QUOTES IN HINDI

“Torture destroys the trust between the state and its citizens, and erodes the legitimacy of the government.”

“Torture is a sign of moral decay and an erosion of the basic human values that define us as human beings.”

“Torture is a cancer that eats away at the moral fabric of society and the human soul.”

“Torture reduces people to their most animalistic and barbaric instincts.”

“Torture dehumanizes the torturer as much as the tortured.”

“Torture is a disease that spreads like a virus and infects every aspect of society.”

“Torture breeds fear, mistrust, and hatred, and undermines the very foundation of society.”

“Torture is a stain on the reputation of any nation that practices it, and a betrayal of the values that nation claims to uphold.”

“Torture creates a culture of impunity where the rule of law is replaced by the rule of the strong and the violent.”

“Torture is a moral issue that demands our attention and action, not our indifference or apathy.”

“Torture is a crime against humanity that must be punished, and a challenge to our collective humanity that must be overcome.”