“Love for Krishna is the most precious and demanding treasure of the heart.”

“The love of Krishna is the ultimate bliss that one can aspire to attain.”

“Krishna’s love is a divine inspiration that fills the heart with joy and peace.”

“To love Krishna is to experience the true essence of life.”

“Krishna’s love is an ocean of bliss that one can never get enough of.”

“Krishna’s love is a sacred fire that purifies the heart and soul.”

“Krishna’s love is a divine nectar that quenches the thirst of the soul.”

“Krishna’s love is the ultimate refuge for the troubled and broken hearted.”

“Krishna’s love is a healing balm that soothes the wounds of the soul.”

“Krishna’s love is a priceless jewel that can never be taken away.”

“Krishna’s love is like a flower that blooms in the heart and spreads its fragrance everywhere.”

“Krishna’s love is the sweetest melody that one can ever hear.”

“Krishna’s love is the light that guides the way in the darkness.” MAA QUOTES IN URDU

“Krishna’s love is a divine connection that unites the soul with the Almighty.”

“Krishna’s love is the source of all happiness and peace in life.”

“Krishna’s love is the ultimate purpose of human existence.”

“Krishna’s love is an eternal flame that never fades away.”

“Krishna’s love is the ultimate adventure that one can embark upon.”

“Krishna’s love is the divine spark that ignites the flame of devotion.”

“Krishna’s love is the reason why we are here on this earth.”

“Krishna’s love is the ultimate goal of all spiritual seekers.”

“Krishna’s love is the ocean of mercy that showers blessings upon us.”

“Krishna’s love is the ultimate expression of divine grace.”

“To love Krishna is to know the true meaning of life and the purpose of existence.”