“Foolishness always results in consequences.”

“A moment of foolishness can cause a lifetime of regret.”

“Wisdom is knowing the difference between foolishness and bravery.”

“Foolishness is contagious. It can often be caught without even realizing it.”

“Foolishness is the sister of arrogance.”

“Foolishness is a luxury that wise people cannot afford.”

“Foolishness is giving up what you want most for what you want now.”

“The greatest foolishness is to convince yourself that you are wise.”

“Foolishness is trying to solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.” “True wisdom is knowing how much foolishness you still have left to shed.”

“Foolishness is the belief that you are the exception to the rule.”

“The beginning of wisdom is recognizing your own foolishness.”

“Foolishness is the mother of all mistakes.” RADHA RANI QUOTES IN HINDI

“Foolishness is the lack of respect for consequences.”

“The wise gain knowledge from foolishness, while the foolish gain nothing from even their own experiences.”

“Foolishness is assuming you understand without seeking to know.”

“To correct foolishness, one must first acknowledge it.”

“Foolishness is not in the mistakes we make, but in repeating them.”

“The door to wisdom always opens away from foolishness.”

“Foolishness is not a lack of intelligence, but a lack of understanding.”

“Foolishness is thinking you know everything before you have learned anything.”

“Foolishness is the inability to recognize the intricacies of a problem.”

“The wise listen while the foolish speak.”

“Foolishness is thinking that you do not need anyone else’s help.”